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why i started wearing a headwrap

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Trainers // Nike

Having hair like mine (aka natural aka 4b/c aka so extremely curly) comes with ups and downs. 

The ups include:
1. Having different protective hairstyles, I may want box braids, or a wig or crochet braids whenever I feel like
2. Protective styles (you guessed it) protect my hair, so my hair doesn’t suffer from breakage etc
3. Just looking at my curls, they’re so nice, especially after a deep condition, whew!

However, downs include:
1. Some protective styles taking a VERY long time to do (for example, when I do my box braids, I gotta prepare my hair, which takes a long time, THEN actually get them done…which takes even longer!)
2. Sometimes not being bothered to get my hair done

These downs were really weighing on me. Sometimes I don’t have time to do my hair and I didn’t have time to put on a wig (because it takes more than just popping it on your  head). But then I found a solution..

I remember going to my school’s library and seeing a classmate (who also has natural hair) wear a headwrap/scarf. I asked her how she did it and why and honestly I was so fascinated. I thought “okay, this seems so simple and easy, I’m gonna try it too.” And I did. Sure I got a few stares when I first did, but I eventually got over it. Wearing a scarf honestly gave me such relief, I could just braid my hair underneath and wear scarves until I felt like having a different protective style. 

There are many reasons why I often wear head wraps ( /head scarves/ whatever you wanna call it) now and if you’re contemplating wearing one, here are some reasons to:

1. It can fix a bad hair day, say you are wearing braids or a wig or your normal hair, you can tie a scarf around the top and BAM a nice, new hairstyle
2. It’s so simple to do, you just get the scarf, tie it and off you go!
3. You can get different scarves of different colours and patterns that can suit the outfit you’re wearing
4. There are different ways to tie a scarf that you think will suit you, YouTube is your best source
5. Less stress in the morning about how to style your hair

So if you’re thinking about changing up your look with a head wrap or even any different hair style, go for it!
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