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stepping out of my comfort zone

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 Since I started my blog, I’ve always wanted my niche to lean towards my personal style and books. They’re completely different topics but I enjoy them both. 
Posting book reviews was easier for me since I didn’t really have to go outside to take them, but posting ootds was more difficult for me. I either had to get someone to take photos of me (which I couldn’t do) or get a tripod and take them myself. I never had the confidence to do the latter which is why I didn’t follow my desired niche. But what I’ve learnt since the beginning of this year is that I need to learn to be more confident, not just with my blog but with everything.

I’ve started to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve started to take outfit photos in public with a tripod and camera and it really isn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. Having my phone as a remote and viewfinder definitely makes it easier to get shots instead of putting on a timer and running to the front of the camera in time. Plus it looks like an accessory with my outfits so (I hope) it won’t be annoying seeing it all the time.

My blog wasn’t a secret but I never publicly talked about it to the people in my life either. When I created a instagram account for my blog, then friends started finding it AND reading my content, I felt a bit uncomfortable. I don’t really know why I felt that though, I can’t explain it. But ya know, I’m over it now. (and thanks to my friends who support me, ily 💖💖)

These couple of months into 2018 have taught me a lot about my confidence and I wanna leave this blog post with a few words of encouragement.

As obvious as it sounds, just remember : you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
(I know it’s a quote about hockey or whatever but it pretty much applies to everything in life, no?)
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