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january in review | 2019

What I Watched


  • You – This show is wild! The characters…the story…everything about it had me on edge. Definitely a must watch if you haven’t seen it!
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3 – This show had an incredible run and I’m so happy that Netflix adapted it from the books very well!
  • Sex Education – Honestly, I had low expectations for this show but…I actually enjoyed it! I love how it talks about topics that are seen as “taboo” when really they’re completely normal. It’s got an interesting synopsis, good representation and raises important issues such as consent, abortion, anxiety and so much more.


  • Aquaman – I watched this film with my friends and it was actually better than I expected. I found the criticism about it having too much CGI a bit of a stretch since ya know…humans can’t breathe underwater.
  • Lionheart – This was such a nice film. I liked the story, but what really had me was the cinematography; the colour grading is just amazing.
  • Ashes in the Snow – This is a film adaptation of my favourite book ever, Between Shades of Gray, and I won’t lie, I was SO disappointed. It hardly stayed faithful to the book and I disliked how they changed some characters’ stories.

What I Listened T0

  • Dodie – I always watched Dodie’s YouTube videos and song covers but never actually listened to her original songs. When I got round to listening to her music, my heart was so warm. I literally had Secret For the Mad on repeat for more than an hour while crying about how beautiful the lyrics are. She also released a new EP this and I love it!
  • 7 Rings by Ariana Grande – This song is such a bop. Need I say more?

What I’m Loving

  • Graphic novels – I downloaded Kindle on my phone and bought a really good deal (3 months of Kindle Unlimited for £2) then decided to finally read Saga Vol 1…and now I’m obsessed. Afterwards, I went to read Giant Days Vol 1 – 3 and now I want to read more graphic novels as well as collect them in physical copies!

What I Read

This is the only month where I have read more than 5 books and this is a HUGE achievement for me! I’m so excited to read more books this year



What did you get up to in January? Feel free to comment!


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