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in defense of preferring alone time

When I was talking to my mum and my brother a few weeks ago about preferring to go to the cinema by myself than with another person or a group, they thought it was weird. Then, upon speaking to friends, I found out that it doesn’t seem common for people to go to the cinema by themselves. This had me thinking about why the people I spoke to this about believed that preferring to watch a film in the cinema by yourself is weird. I also looked at the bigger picture; is it weird that I prefer shopping by myself too? and exploring new places? and just going out for a walk around my area?

I found that doing activities like these by myself contributed to “me time” which is why I love it, so continue to do it. When I read a blog post about someone who went to the cinema by themselves and recommended their readers to try it, I thought it was odd. Maybe it was because I was a socially awkward teen back then, so I was scared to even ask for a ticket without someone beside me. 
Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, I decided to go for it. It was quite a big deal for my 13-year-old self to go to the cinema by myself. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed it and this made me want to spend more time with myself more. That’s when I started to go shopping without friends/family and taking a 30-minute bus ride to central London to explore the places I haven’t been before. 

It seems that people think that preferring to spend time alone doing certain things means you dislike having people like your family and friends around you. That’s far from the truth. It seems like people are comfortable doing things because other people are doing it with them. What we should be doing is stepping out of our comfort zones and trying subtle things like going out by ourselves so that we don’t feel uncomfortable when we’re put in a situation where we’d HAVE to do something by ourselves. When a friend cancels on going to watch a film at the cinema with you (or they take too long to decide), don’t cancel too! Try going by yourself, you’ll enjoy it!

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Spending time alone shouldn’t be confused with being lonely. Spending time alone makes you more aware of what you like and dislike. It can be relaxing and stress-free since you don’t have to worry about waiting for hours for a friend to finally pick the pair of jeans they’ve been staring at or hearing friends talk to you while you’re fully engaged in watching a film at the cinema. Having me time isn’t just about putting a face mask on while having a nice, hot bath and reading a book, it’s about being content in your own company.

If you haven’t tried going out by yourself, give it a go! Literally, go on a date with yourself and find out the type of person you are when you’re not around people.  It’s interesting what things you discover about yourself!

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  • Reply Kate

    I totally agree with this! I absolutely love doing things on my own, especially things like thrift shopping and going out to a cafe and reading a book. It’s so nice to just do it for yourself every once in a while! I’m such an introvert and really need time on my own to recharge, haha. Loved this post gal! xx

    December 11, 2018 at 6:30 pm
    • Reply venus aby

      It’s just so nice being in your own company, right? I’m an introvert too, so I completely get what you mean by spending time alone to recharge! I’m so glad you liked my post, thanks for your kind words 🙂

      December 19, 2018 at 8:31 pm

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