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how to take outfit photos by yourself

Shirt // Marks and Spencer
Trousers // Pull and Bear
Trainers // Nike Air Force 1

Taking blog photos is one of the fun parts of blogging! For me, taking outfit photos has been particularly difficult since I don’t have many people who have the time to take photos of me for my blog. However, if you really want to achieve something, you won’t give up, right? I really didn’t want to stop putting the content I wanted for my blog, so I thought of an idea to take outfit photos. “Can I take them myself?” The answer was: YES. 

Taking outfit photos by yourself can be quite daunting! However, it’s all about what you want to achieve when the daunting part is over! I have a few tips on how I take my outfit photos by myself and I hope they help! 

Find a location

Finding a location is crucial for taking outfit photos. Whether it be a park or a small road that cars can’t drive on, make sure to find a space where you can set up all you need to take the outfit photos. If you’re new to taking outfit photos by yourself (and aren’t confident with a lot of people staring at what you’re doing), try and find a quiet place where hardly anyone is around. For example, I use a wall that is in my estate (literally a 30 second walk from my front door) and hardly anyone walks around there!

Buy a tripod

The tripod is what is one of the most important items for taking outfit photos by yourself. I bought a tripod from Amazon that was a very reasonable price. If you’re using your phone as a camera, make sure you buy a tripod that’s suitable for your phone! 

Use your phone or get a remote 

To avoid the hassle of putting your camera/phone camera on timer then running to a spot to take the photos, I would suggest getting your phone (if you’re using your camera) or getting a remote (if you’re using your phone as a camera). For example, I have a Canon 1300d that I use and it has an app, Canon Camera Connect, that I connect my phone to. When I connect my phone to my camera, my camera becomes a viewfinder! This makes it easier for me to take the photos! If you’re using your phone as a camera, buy a remote, connect it to your camera and it’s all good!

Once you’ve got your tripod and camera/phone and phone/remote you’re all set! Go to your location, set up the tripod and camera/phone. Connect your camera to your phone/remote (or your phone to your remote) and start taking photos!

Doing this definitely takes a lot of confidence and courage. For me, I just didn’t like the idea of people looking at me and asking questions about what I was doing. However, what made me more confident was just thinking about what I wanted to achieve. I absolutely love style blogs that also have lifestyle-related topics in their posts which inspired me to do it myself! When you think of an end goal, you tend to not lack confidence about how you get there! If it helps, like I said before, choose a quiet place where hardly anyone is around and start from there. Remember, practice builds confidence and courage!

Now you know how to take outfit posts by yourself if there’s no one around to take them for you! Go forth and make amazing content for your blog! 

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