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Blogging requires a LOT of effort. If you’re like me and find it difficult to run a blog without organising every bit of content you want to put out, then you’ve come to the right place. This is the third and final post of my “how to” blog series. Feel free to check out my first post about how to blog on a budget here and my second post on how to take outfit photos by yourself here.

Now onto this post! As someone who loves to plan what I have to do almost every day, I have this same attitude towards my blog and content. Whether you’re an obsessive planner like me or someone who just wants to keep your blog and content in place, I have some tips for you!

Get a planner
Whether it be a calender that you’ve hung up on your wall, a calendar on your phone or a notebook, it’s so important to have something that you use frequently for your blog and content. For example, I have a notebook where I create a monthly spread that includes all the days I’ve decided to upload a new blog post. I also add different types of additional pages, which goes into my next tip.

Have a list full of post ideas
Nothing’s worse than making the decision to write a new blog post, then finding out you’ve got writer’s block and you don’t know where to look for new ideas. Having a list full of post ideas is great for when you want to find a post to write (especially when you suddenly get writer’s block).

Make a checklist
A lot goes into a blog post before it gets published. For example, making a draft, adding pictures and proofreading. When I started blogging, I sort of did all of that at the same time. But when I got busier, I found that I forgot what things I had to do for each blog post. Having a place where you note down all the blog posts you’ve planned and whether you’ve sorted out all the things you need for it before it goes live is so helpful! It’s way better than constantly checking your blog post drafts every time you forgot what you need to add!

How do you organise your blog content? Feel free to comment below!

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