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how i’m trying to stay organised

You may have known that I got into university and have been living the broke student life for a month and a bit now and even though the experience has been great so far, I couldn’t seem to keep a balance between my personal life, my studies, and blogging. I was thinking about how I could be able to balance all these aspects of my life for a while now and I found the most obvious solution to doing so: being organised.


Using a Planner


Every Sunday I’ve been writing down my lectures, seminars and lab classes in my Palgrave Student Planner. This shows me how much time I have and how much time I should spend doing work, going to the gym etc. I allocate different days to my different modules (sometimes, since procrastination still has a grip on me) which helps me get my work done.




Cleaning My Desk


There’s a reason why people say “clear space, clear mind.” Having a clean desk makes me want to study because there are no distractions around me. I have a lot of miscellaneous items that I just put on my desk since I can’t be bothered to put it in the correct place. However, since I’ve started cleaning my desk (sometimes because you know, procrastination) I’ve found that I become more motivated to study.




To Do Lists


The feeling of ticking a task on my to-do list makes me feel so accomplished. To do lists are so good for keeping on track with what you have to do every day and making you feel like you’re doing something productive!






The only reason I have Tumblr on my phone is to have the inspiration to do my work. If you just search “studyblr” you will find thousands of posts and blogs dedicated to education. Bullet journals, 100 days of productivity challenges and even lovely written lecture/revision notes looks so aesthetically pleasing and make me want to study well!
Jumper – Matalan // Jeans – Marks & Spencer // Trainers – Nike Air Force 1




The 8-8-8 Rule


I remember watching this YouTube video about an 8-8-8 rule that anyone can apply to their life in order to stay organised. This rule is about dividing your day to 3 things: 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of studying and 8 hours of doing whatever you want!  I’m still trying to get used to following this, though. 
I haven’t mastered all of these things I’ve mentioned but getting to a point where you’re very organised is a process. Having the habit of cleaning my desk every day and following the 8-8-8- rule will (hopefully) happen. It’s about being in the right mindset to achieve what you want.




Are you currently at school, college, university or working? How are you staying organised? Leave me a comment below!


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  • Reply Maj-Britt

    I’ve never heard of the 8-8-8 rule but I have to read more about it! So good!

    Kisses from Germany

    December 5, 2018 at 6:07 pm
    • Reply venus aby

      It’s so useful for planning your day and being productive, I’m so happy more people are starting to know more about it :))

      December 19, 2018 at 8:39 pm

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